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When trouble strikes through illness or injury, we respond.

Now More Than Ever.

Join the Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Squad

In the beginning, you will learn many aspects of providing life-saving aid.

Obviously this not a casual journey. Definitely one that requires education, dedication and time.

The first year is mostly training and preparation with your new family.

But the effort invested will serve you and our community well into the future.

You will carry life-saving training with you wherever you go.

Even with family, work and life, many find a way to make it work.

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We're your neighbors helping neighbors. Join us.

The Hamilton Volunteer Rescue Squad


As Loudoun County‚Äôs first rescue squad in 1952, the members of the Hamilton community were volunteering their time and skills long before Station 17 was renamed in 1979. 

Even though our small town is nestled between Leesburg and Purcellville, our service area is broader than you may think. When an emergency happens from Philomont to Mount Gilead, and even  in our surrounding areas East and West, we get the call.

 We serve suburban neighborhoods to rural backroads.  

Image of the Hamilton Rescue members

A worthy calling that needs You

There are many personal and practical benefits to becoming an Emergency Medical Technician.

Know this.

You have the ability to intervene in a moment when life and death collide.

You take this training everywhere you go.

There is an incredible reward every time tragedy is defeated.

You will find your greater meaning and purpose.

Hi, my name is Allison.

From watching different TV shows and the news, being an EMT always seemed so intimidating. But I wanted to prove to myself that I could be that hero that I saw on TV. 

 I remember my first day, thinking how cool it was just to be in the bay with all the ambulances.

I fell in love with the crew immediately as they told me about how being a part of HVRS was like having a second family.

Being here has helped me prove to myself that I can do anything. And it reassured me that the medical field is where I need to go in the future.

 Every shift I gear up and look at myself in the mirror, and see that hero I saw in TV shows.

My name is Curt.

As a kid in school I remember that whenever we heard a siren going by, the whole class always turned to look.

Then there was a period in my life, where I was the first person on the scene of 3 or 4 auto accidents and someone falling down a flight of stairs
I knew I was capable of doing more than had done to help.

In 1998, I moved into a community that was supported by a volunteer EMS agency, and was finally able to answer this calling inside.

My first shift was in that year, and now I am a Life Member with two different Rescue Companies in Loudoun County.

Profiles of Volunteers Just Like You

Free Training, Gear and Personal Protective Equipment

College Tuition Reimbursement

First Responder Discounts on Mobile Phone Service

Participation in Community Discounts

Membership in the Loudoun County Credit Union

Free Annual Health Assessments and Vaccines

Length of Service Annuity Payments

Reduced Vehicle Tax and License Fees

Access to State-of-the-art Health Facility

These are some of the benefits you receive as a member of the HVRS

Real Benefits

No Experience Necessary. We train you.

Emergency Vehicle Drivers

Emergency Medical Technicians


Vehicle Rescue Technicians

...and more.


What Your Service Looks Like

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